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  • District Headlines

    Would you like to share your love of MUSIC?

    The Brinnon School has a part time, classified position open for a paraeducator responsible for music instruction at the Brinnon School.  Please click HERE for more information.  If you are interested, please go to our employment page and complete a Classified Application.

    Summer School was a Huge Success!

    The Brinnon School coordinated with Jefferson County YMCA to provide a 5-week summer program for students.  Students enjoyed weekly lessons from Dosewallips Park Ranger Steve Dippery and Kaitlin Springer.  The district art specialist, Linda Holsman taught a special art lesson.  We appreciate the support of these community members and the YMCA.  Our summer school staff, Heidi Budnek and Pam fields, worked on reading, writing, and math in the afternoons.

    At the Brinnon School, we work on learning to say thank you.  Below are some examples of YMCA thank you notes.

    Student Thank You Notes to Ranger Steve Dippery:

    • Thank you Ranger Steve for showing us wildlife and plants you don't eat or touch.  I had so much fun.  I learned a lot.
    • Thank you for bringing animal skins and bones.  I like the way you teach us about nature.
    • Thank you for coming.  I like the way you talk about all the different plants.  My favorite thing was learning about the Olympic Elk.
    • Thank you for coming to our school.  I love animals!  I would like to come to the park and learn more.

    Student Thank You Notes to Kaitlin Springer:

    • Thank you for coming.  I liked the Smokey the Bear story.  I knew to do all of the fire rules because I go to scout camp.
    • Thank you for teaching us about Smokey the Bear.  Thanks for playing those games.  It was fun.  Have a good summer.  Keep up with the good job!
    • Thank you for teaching us about animals.  My favorite was the elk horn.

    Student Thank you Notes to Mrs. Holsman, Art Specialist:

    • It was fun painting and drawing.
    • Thank you for doing art and for helping kids.  Thanks for the encouragement.  Keep helping kids like you help me.  Hope to see you next year.
    • Thank you, Mrs. H, for doing art.  I liked painting the oysters and drawing one.  I always look at my painted oyster when I miss the beach.  I like that you come to do art.
    • Thanks for helping us with art.  Even when we make mistakes, you help us.  I've learned how to paint better.

    Student Thank You Notes to Jefferson County YMCA:

    • Thanks for teaching me this summer.  I love it here!
    • I really like camp.  It was fun.  It was my first year and I had a blast.
    • Thank you YMCA.  I like breakfast.  I like playing on the swings.  You are the greatest teachers ever.
    • Thank you YMCA for giving us lunch and breakfast.  I like the summer because you're there to spice it up.  Thank you so much Hayes and Kristi.

     Help Wanted

    Enjoy working with bright, energetic and enthusiastic Brinnon School students.  The Brinnon School District has opening for 1 AmeriCorps/Washington Reaching Corp team member!  You will be compensated with a stipend, education credit, health insurance and other benefits.  Apply HERE to be an AmeriCorps/Washington Reading Corp member at the Brinnon School for the 2018-2019 school year.  For more information on the position, see our Employment Page.

    Brinnon School District New School Board Member

    The School District is pleased to announce our newest board member:  Mary Fickett

    Mary Fickett




     Welocme Mary!







    Trish NEW:  A Note from the Superintendent - March 2018

    Thank you to our community for the support of the school levy.  The valuable dollars provided by this levy provide teaching assistants, field trips, free preschool for Brinnon residents, meals prepared in our school kitchen, etc.

    The 2017-18 school year is already halfway complete and it has been a great year!

    • Our enrollment continues to climb with 81 students in preschool through 8th grade.
    • We were recently notified that we were awarded the Washington Reading Corps grant for the 2018-2019 school year.
    • Our PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) has provided a number of activities for the students:
      • After school yoga
      • After school Zumba
      • Eric Ode, award-winning author, will visit the school on March 12th
      • We are looking forward to our big spring event on Friday, March 23rd - community talent show, student art exhibit, silent auction, dinner, and fun!
    • With generous donations, our classrooms in grades 3-8 will have one laptop per student.  Technology is an important part of their learning.
    • Assessment indicators show that our students are making impressive academic progress.
    • All students in kindergarten through 8th grade are looking forward to taking 6 swim lessons.
    • Our current AmeriCorps/Washington Reading Corps members have been very busy planning activities that include:
      • A clothing exchange
      • Weekly after school homeowrk club attended by at least 30 students
      • Dr. Seuss birthday celebration
      • Library updates
      • Activities to improve student literacy

    We welcome you to visit our school. We are proud of our learning community.

    Patricia Beathard - Superintendent

     Brinnon School District Alternative Learning Program
    • Do you want to teach your child at home?
    • Do you want your child to have a part-time school schedule, while learning at home part of the time?
    • Would you like to have your teaching materials provided at no cost?
    • Would your child enjoy participating in field trips, assemblies, and other school activities while you teach at home?
    • If the answer is yes to any of these questions, the Brinnon School District Alternative Learning Program might be perfect for your family.
    • Call 360-796-4646 for more information



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  • Are you or someone you know homeless?  Please contact the school office for the district Homeless Liaison.  Homeless school age children may quality for certain rights & protections under the federal McKinney-Vento Act.  Click HERE for more information.

    To view the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) Brinnon School District Report Card for the 2015-2016 School Year, please click HERE


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