• Technology News....

    There has been plenty of excitement in the area of technology this year at the Brinnon School.  We have ordered more laptops for each classroom to support instruction.  We are also working on new electronic teaching stations in each classroom for the upcoming school year. 

    In March, some of our middle school students made a trip to the State Capital in Olympia with our technology coordinator, Jeff Gearhart, to make a presentation to the House Education Committee and the Technology and Economic Development Committee regarding state funding for the Microsoft Minecraft in Education program.  The Microsoft Education team was so impressed with our program and school that they invited our middle school students to visit the Microsoft campus in Renton on May 8.  Microsoft does not schedule field trips, but they gave the Brinnon School an exclusive invitation that came with a complete tour, guest speakers, and a fancy lunch!  You will see an article about these Microsoft experiences in an upcoming Brinnon Bugle.

    Now we have more great technology news!  Jeff Gearhart and our Brinnon School will be featured in Getting Smart, an online publication. The Microsoft in Education team will be coming to Brinnon to film our students while they are engaged in learning with the Microsoft Minecraft in Education Program.  They will interview students and staff as they create a Brinnon School feature on their website.

    We can all be proud of our school and the great things that are happening with technology.