Washington State Report Card

    Title I Notification

    Directions for Requesting Teacher Qualifications


    The Washington State Report Card for the Brinnon School District can be viewed at the link below. Because fewer than ten students are taking each State test, the Office of Public Instruction for the State suppresses the scores in order to protect the privacy of the students.  Washington State Report Card

    Important aspects of the Brinnon School District State Report Card include:

    ·         The District is categorized as a Title I district because more than 40% of the students qualify for free or reduced meal pricing. During the 2015-16 school year, 86.3% of the students qualified for free or reduced meals. As a Title I District, the Brinnon School District receives additional funding. This funding is primarily used to hire support for classrooms.

    ·         General student information is viewable.

    ·         Students generally show strengths in the areas of Reading and Science. State test scores are highest in those areas.

    General information about teachers can be viewed. More specific certification information is available upon request.

    If you have additional questions, please contact Patricia Beathard, Brinnon School District superintendent/principal.